Men’s Winter Fashion

Hello kennspiration crew, it’s Blake back again for another blog takeover! This weeks post is all about men’s fashion in colder seasons. I love dressing for cold weather, and I’ve put together three looks to be featured this week.

Thank you Kennedy for making me do this post, and Clara for taking all of the pictures!



This outfit is one of my favorites. It could be dressed up with nicer pants, or down with a more casual coat. This look would be perfect for going to church, or going on a date 🙂

Coat – I have three blue coats, and I always find myself reaching for this one. It is perfect for light weather, and the plaid accents on the sleeves and hood make it pretty unique. The hood is buttoned on and can easily be removed if it is not needed.

Sweater – This Eddie Bauer sweater is perfect for the holidays. The bright red is festive, and it is very warm and cozy.

Jeans – Compared to the rest of my body, my legs are relatively long and skinny, and finding jeans that fit is a struggle and a half. I finally found that H&M has jeans that are exactly what I needed.

Shoes – I think I wore these in my last blog takeover, but I’m still obsessed. I thrifted These Ted Baker shoes at a goodwill in Seattle, and I have put them to some good use.








This next look is very casual, and would be best worn to school or just a lazy Saturday. I am trying to incorporate more color into my wardrobe, and believe it or not this is one of my more colorful outfits.

Jacket – This is one of the most comfortable things I have ever worn. I was not too sure about the color at first, but it is growing on me and is a nice splash of color on a cloudy day.

Sweater – This oversized, olive green sweater is another piece I thrifted, and I love it so much. It is very comfortable, and looks good with just about anything.

Jeans – I have had these American Eagle jeans for a long time and ripped them jumping on a trampoline.

Boots – I love these boots I got at the Dr. Marten outlet in Seattle. They are perfect for cold weather and you can never have too many black boots.




This last look is my favorite, it could be worn almost anywhere, by anyone. I’m a huge fan of wearing black on black, and then the jacket just adds a little color to complete it.

Jacket – I have always loved bomber jackets, and I have a few colors, but this one is my favorite. The fabric is super soft, and it fits just right.

Turtleneck – This is the best turtleneck I’ve ever purchased. I wear it all the time and it is so comfortable.

Jeans – I can not get enough pairs of H&M jeans. I needed some black ones, and these are perfect. I tend to roll up my jeans when I wear these shoes so the top shows and they don’t look like cowboy boots.

Boots – I am obsessed with chelsea boots, and after much searching I purchased this Cole Haan pair. They are some of the most comfortable shoes I have ever put on, and I’m ready for more pairs.

Thank you for checking out the blog this week! I hope you liked it, I had a lot of fun with it. Shoutout to Kennedy for letting me takeover, and Clara for being our spectacular photographer. Be sure to subscribe because Kennedy posts really cool stuff every week! -Blake

Fun Fact: I’ve just shaved my head and it was one of the most fun, liberating things I’ve ever done.

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