christmas morning breakfast.

sticky buns recipe

HELLO! Today I am sharing with you the yummiest recipe ever, that is perfect for christmas morning. My family always makes these for breakfast to eat right after we’ve opened all our presents. Hope you enjoy!


1/2 cup of  brown sugar

24 ounce package of Rhodes Rolls

1/2 cup of chopped walnuts

1/2 cup of butter

package of Jello butterscotch pudding mix (NOT instant)

step 1

place frozen rolls in bottom of bundt pan. i used 18 rolls.

step 2

combine and mix together melted butter and brown sugar

step 3

pour mixture over rolls, and then add chopped walnuts if you’d like. i only put it on half, and I forgot to chop mine… but you should chop them.

step 4

pour the majority of the butterscotch jello mixture on top of everything, then let it raise over night or for a few hours. then you can cook them in the oven at 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes. AND THAT IS IT.

they are so yummy and buttery, and unhealthy… but it’s christmas so whatever.

(my pjs are from old navy!)

I hope you liked this, I know it is a little different from what I usually do, but I really enjoyed making it. I hope everyone has a very merry christmas! I’ll probably wait and post next monday, instead of sunday.

fun fact: i am currently writing this in the dressing room before i perform for a jive christmas concert lol



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