penny loafers and neck ties.

Happy Sunday everyone! I performed my last jive show last, after two weeks of crazy-busy practices. Although it was a blast, I am so happy to be done and to be a little less busy. This new week will bring a twenty one pilots concert on Wednesday and a Sweethearts ball on Saturday. So, hopefully it’ll be a fun and less stressful week. Today’s post includes the cutest pair of penny loafers and my new obsession with neck ties!! I hope you enjoy.

Have I mentioned how obsessed I am with the 60s? It’s not even just the clothes, but the makeup and hair styles that were really popular as well. I am not usually one for eyeliner, but recently I have been loving a classic cat eye. I am not the best at it, but I am getting better. I think I might try to make an updated daily makeup tutorial soon. I also have been so in love with neck ties, they have so many cute patterns and bright colors. I also got a few pretty ones from my grandma, and I plan on going thrifting for some soon.

I ordered this second pair of glasses when I ordered the other ones, and I have hated them until today when I realized I actually really like them. lol I don’t understand myself sometimes.

|1| button up- target |2| dress- old navy |3| glasses- sunglasses warehouse |4| neck tie- target

|5| penny loafers- target

Thank you all so much for reading!! I have some cute valentines looks planned to share this week, so make sure you stay posted. Thank you to everyone who came out and saw jive perform. I hope you all have a wonderful week!!

fun fact: the best part of super bowl is the food and the halftime show



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