president’s day.

Hi everyone!! Today’s post is a cute and casual look for a rainy day. We went for a drive today to Hagerman since my brother was in town. Hagerman has the prettiest views, and you have to make sure to stop by Clover Leaf Creamery on your way home in Buhl for some delicious ice cream. Anyway, hope you enjoy!!

A go to for any rainy day is obviously hunter rain boots, and these pink ones are my absolute favorite! I keep wanting to get another pair in bright yellow, but I feel like if I am to buy another pair I should probably get a more neutral color lol. Anyway, rainy days, and spring in general, is the most important time to use your layering skills. If you can manage to add enough light layers to keep you warm, you won’t have to wear a coat. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of having to cover up my cute outfit with a coat all the time.

|1| denim button up |2| striped turtle neck |3| black jeans |4| hunter rainboots |5| watch                        

Thank you all for reading!! I may see you again on Wednesday if I can manage to find time to create another post, if not I will for sure see you next Sunday.

fun fact: if you ever get the chance to visit buhl, idaho anytime soon, no lie it feels like you have stepped back in time 50 years.



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