spring break.

Hey everyone! Today’s blog post is a little different, but I am sharing with you my spring break lookbook!! Pretty much I just filmed what I wore each day this past week!! I am always looking for ways to show you guys what I wear in a week, so here ya go! I hope you enjoy, and make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel and give it a thumbs up if you like it.

Here’s some random photos from this past week:

I recently came across the cutest blog idea to do weekly, which was to write your highs and lows for the week. I am always struggling to share more of me, so I thought this would be a really cute idea to start doing.

  1. I have not been loving how stressful school has been recently. It seems like it has just been one thing after another, from senior project boards (which I passed hallelujah), to BPA state,  to keeping my grades up in classes. That being said this spring break was very needed, and I am feeling more refreshed to take on these final months of high school.
  2. Love love love my two sweet little cousins, Logan and Lincoln. We always have Tuesday night dinners at my grandma’s house (which I usually can’t go to thanks to jive practices, but for spring break I could) and last Tuesday, logan was just full of it and Lincoln is cuter and sweeter than ever. Logan is three, on the verge of four, and is CRAZY. But, at the same time absolutely hilarious. If you follow me on Facebook you might have seen the crazy video of him where he impersonated hulk…
  3. Not loving filling out scholarship applications…. enough said.
  4. Loving this new curling iron that finally arrived in the mail! It is the chopstick curler by Lee Stafford, and it gives me the most amazing curls. I am seriously obsessed.
  5.  In love with the prom dress I found in Utah. I feel like a princess in it, and wearing it makes me feel beautiful.
  6.  Loved getting to go visit baby cows today with my family! We went out to a friends farm and got to feed the cute little babies. But that being said, I was not cut out for the farm life.

Thank you all for reading!! See you next time!



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