a new home.

Hello friends! I feel like a million things have happened since I last posted. I am officially a college student, and have been getting more comfortable with my new home and this new city. I feel like it has been a month since move-in, but it has only been a few days. Boise is such a beautiful city and I already love it here. As much as I miss my family and my home, I am really excited for the new opportunities ahead of me. If I can make it through this first week of class, I think it will all be okay haha. Anyway, with a new town comes new photo opportunities, but I just need to find them first. But, we managed to make it work this time.

I am in love with this top from the Lauren Conrad Collection at Kohl’s. It is so pretty and feminine. Also, how amazing are those sleeves?!? My jeans are from American Eagle, the purse is the INC brand, and my necklaces are from Forever 21 and Loft. My bright white shoes are keds.

Thanks for reading! See you next time!



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