tweed lovers unite.

These past couple of weeks at home have been so nice and relaxing, especially after having such a challenging transition into college these past couple months. And with a new year coming soon, I’ve had plenty of time to think back on this crazy year. One of my friends said the other day that this has been such a hard year for us, and I hadn’t really realized it, but it was. Between a challenging end of our senior year of high school and graduating, and then moving onto to college and settling into a new place and lifestyle, at the least it has been a very busy year. But, it has also been such an exciting and rewarding year. With all these new memories and new friends, I know this is a year I won’t ever forget.

For the last blog post of the year, I had to share this amazing plaid, tweed jacket. The best part is I got at target for $10! I love target and their clearance section. Whoever said you have to spend a lot of money to have cute clothes, is a total liar. Anyway, thank you all for supporting me this past year and I hope that 2018 is full of new adventures for you all!

jacket: target  (on sale!) / pants: old navy (on sale!)/ top: kohls (old, similar linked) / shoes: target (on sale!) / purse: dooney and burke (vintage) / broach: vintage



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