pink parisian.

HAPPY NEW YEAR MA AMIES! I hope everyone has had an amazing first week of the year! Mine was great and filled with lots of downtime and spending time with my family. We had so many game nights lately! My whole family loves playing cards, and my personal favorite is garbage rummy. We had one last game night last night before I had to leave to go to back to school today. It was hard saying good bye again, seeing as I have gotten to spend so much time with my family these past few weeks. But, I am back at school and have everything finally moved back in! Tomorrow is my first day back to class, and I am so not ready. But luckily I get to start my day with french class, so at least that’s good.

Speaking of french, I feel so Parisian in this outfit. I am obsessed with this beret that I found for $10 at Fred Meyers! I also found a really cute black one at Macy’s. Pulled out my fav. neck scarf to brighten up the gloomy weather we had the day we took these pics. Added a cute pair of black buckled heels and a camel peacoat, and we are good to go! Oh! And the dress! It has the cutest flaired sleeves, I am obsessed with them.

coat: London Fog / dress: Real Deals in Twin Falls / heels: Target / scarf: Target / beret: Fred Meyers

That is all for this first blog post of the year! Thank you all for reading!



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