sunshine sweater.

Another week has absolutely flown by, and we are only a week away from October! How does that happen? I swear I just started school a week ago, but here I am already preparing for some midterms. But, I’m not too mad because we are coming upon my favorite time of the year, Fall!! Although with the exception of me wearing a sweater, this isn’t a very fall post! I was driving around Downtown Boise the other day looking for some photoshoot spots, and came across this absolutely gorgeous building! I love the vines and the pretty colorful flowers, and I knew right away I would be coming back to shoot here! So enjoy one last in between fall and summer post, before we start being hardcore with the Fall content!

I thought this pretty bright yellow sweater was the perfect piece to shoot at this location! It’s so fun and cheerful, and looks great with the flowers. I paired it with these jeans from GAP (which are my absolute favorite, they are the 360 stretch ones!) Also the cutest gingham Vans!!

sweater: Loft / jeans: Gap / shoes: Vans

I am so excited for October blog posts! I have so many fun ideas, and I can’t wait to share! See ya next time.



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