carrie bradshaw costume.

Guys! It’s one of my favorite days of the year, Halloween!! The day where it is actually acceptable to dress like all my favorite characters. This year I decided I had to dress up as one of my favorite ladies, Carrie Bradshaw! Sex and the City is one of my favorite shows, and all thought I’m much more of a Charlotte, Carrie’s style is too amazing not to try and recreate! I’m so happy with how the outfit and how the photos turned out. Read on to hear more on how you can recreate this costume!

For this costume you’ll need:

  1. A pink tank top (I found mine at Target!)
  2. A white tulle skirt!  I made this one and it was super easy and cheap. She has a ribbon around hers, so I just bought a thick white ribbon to tie around it.
  3. A pair of stiletto heels. I bought these ones from Target a couple years ago.
  4. The curliest hair you can get! I used the Chopstick Style, which I will link here. It makes the perfect Carrie Bradshaw curls!! I have a tutorial on my youtube from a while back if you’d like to see how I do it.

That’s it! I think this would also be so fun to do a group costume with your friends and have the whole Sex and the City gang. Here are some ideas for what you could do for Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha.

Miranda: I think it would be perfect to do a suit skirt set for her! Or you could do her classic overall outfit, that is known as one of the worst outfits in the show lol!

Charlotte: For Charlotte you have to do something very preppy and feminine, I’d do a pretty knee length dress, tie a cardigan over you shoulders, and wear some kitten heels!

Samantha: Getting the look for Samantha would be super easy! You’d need a body con style tank top dress and some gold jewelry.

This is seriously my favorite costume I’ve ever done! I think it is so cute and fun. What are you dressing up as this halloween? Let me know in the comments below!! Happy Halloween!!




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