J.Crew 10 Fall Favorites

Fall is slowly fading away in Idaho, with all the trees having quickly dropped their pretty colored leaves in the past couple of weeks. However, the leaves aren’t the only things dropping around here, as the temperatures have been getting seriously chilly lately. But, I know that in the warmer parts of the world fall is very much still in full swing! I also feel like the majority of things you wear in the fall, you can easily carry on into winter. It might take a few more layers (which is definitely the subject of an upcoming blog post), but you can usually find a way to wear those favorite pieces, and pair them with super cute winter pieces; like cozy hats and scarves, and brightly colored coats.

If you couldn’t tell from the title, I am sharing with you guys 10 of my favorite pieces from J. Crew Factory this season! Our J.Crew in the Boise Mall has recently become a J. Crew Mercantile, and although some might be disappointed by this, I am loving it, because it is much more in my price range. I have pretty much become obsessed with it recently, because you can find so many great quality pieces at really good prices. And the great thing about J. Crew, is that most of their clothes are very classic and can be worn for a long time without being out of style.

Read on to see 10 of the pieces I have been dying to have recently.


Skirts (1 & 6):

I am always in mini skirt mood, but recently I’ve been wanting to wear one everyday. Skirts are just a fun statement piece, and are so classic. I am wearing the skirt linked in number 6, and I am so obsessed with it. I had my eye on it for awhile before I finally decided that I had to buy it. It’s such a great material, and is the perfect piece for fall.

Must have tops (2 & 8):

I have had my eye on this plaid bell sleeve top for awhile, and although I haven’t made the jump to purchase it, it’s only of matter of time… I think it’s such a cool upgrade to your regular fall/winter flannel. As far as the super cute long sleeve, it is a really nice light pink color and is actually more of a sweatshirt material, so it help keep you a little warmer. I love pieces like this that are comfy, but still very classy.

Dresses (4):

I love cute dresses for fall, and this sweater dress is so cute and versatile. The sweater material will help keep you warm, but is also formal enough to be worn to special events! I think this dress could be styled in so many cute ways, for example it would be so cute with a pair of black tights and little black ankle boots. I also love the bow detail.

Shoes (3 & 5):

I love a fun statement shoe and I think these two are so perfect for any fun event you have this fall or winter. Leopard print is one of my favorites, so of course I am obsessed with these heels. Could be worn with a dress/skirt or even a pair of jeans. Plus the block heel would make them way easier to walk in. These glitter flats are also so precious. I could totally see myself wearing these to every holiday event in the upcoming couple of months.

Outerwear (7, 9 & 10):

J. Crew seriously makes the cutest outerwear. This coat I linked comes in like 8 different colors and I want them all. It would be perfect for any casual or dressy events you have. I am also obsessed with vests right now, and they have so many perfect ones. I may be partial to my black vest though, because it is very versatile. Another thing you have to have during this time is cute winter accessories! I love this brightly colored scarf to keep those gloomy days at bay.

Where you can find the rest of my look:

shirt- Old Navy, jacket- Target, shoes- old, but from Target

Thank you all for reading this post, let me know if you liked the set up of it, I’m trying new things. I can’t wait to share with you all some of the posts I have planned for the next two months. Also the next post will be a very special birthday post, for my 20th Birthday next week!!



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