trending… bell sleeves and over the knee boots.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! 2016 will forever hold a special place in my heart due to the fact it was the year I took a chance and started this blog. But, other than that I am happy the year is over because it was sorta crappy. ANYWAY, I thought I’d quickly share with you my resolutions for the new year. #1 is to wash my face every night, lol. I am so bad about just using makeup remover to take off my makeup when I’m lazy, and I really want to stop that habit. #2 is to grow and develop my personal style statement, and stick to it. I’ll be sharing exactly what I mean by that in the next week or two. #3 is to take time to read more good books. My word of the year is confidence, because I believe that with a little extra confidence you can do about anything AND wear about anything.

Okay, I’m done. In today’s post I will be sharing with you a cute way to rock the bell sleeve trend, and WHERE TO FIND CHEAP OTK BOOTS. (that don’t suck) OH and a rant about my love for star print. SO, keep reading.

top: from H&M, kind of an impractical version of the bell sleeve trend, since the sleeves are super long and get in my way, but there are a bunch of cute, more practical options out there. I think this trend is so girly and feminine, AND HELLO the 70s? Pretty much one of my favorite eras for fashion.

skirt: This skirt is from forever 21, I think I got it last year. But, I’ve realized I love skirts like this and that I need more.

shoes: GAH. THESE SHOES. Okay, so fun fact I have been wanting over the knee boots for such a long time now (i.e. since other fashion bloggers started wearing them). But, every pair I’ve found that aren’t the $800 dollar ones from Nordstroms, have sucked. BUT, these ones are perfect. They fit my legs pretty well, and they look pretty similar to the pricey ones. I got them from Designer Shoe Warehouse, and they come in bunch of super cute colors. okay done now.

purse: I love this purse so so so so so so much. I’ve been seeing this star trend going around lately. It definitely hasn’t hit its high point yet, so now is the best time to start wearing it. The moment I saw this purse, I had to have it. It is just so fun.

glasses: lol so I’ve always wanted glasses, but I have perfect vision so I never needed them. But, I finally ordered some fake ones online and I love them! I think they make me look smarter.

That is it for this week! Sorry I’ve been a little MIA the past week or so, I’ve just been crazy busy. See you all next time!!

fun fact: I bought a new planner, and I need to stop because I have like four now.



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