Today I am sharing with you three different summer outfits involving pieces that I thrifted! I love, love, love going thrifting with my friends (or by myself if I must!) It’s an awesome way to get some new clothing items to shake up your wardrobe without spending over 100 dollars. I love finding cool vintage pieces that I could never buy at a store. Plus, it makes you stand out from everyone else!! So here are my latest thrift finds plus some tips for getting the most out of your thrifting adventure.


I am so obsessed with these shorts that I thrifted! Actually they were originally pants that fit super weird in the leg, so I just cut them into shorts and now they are so cute! I love high waisted shorts, but they are always super short when you buy them at stores anymore! This way you get the awesome high waist and you can make them as short as you want. The thrift store is also an awesome place to find cute neck scarfs like the one in these pictures. I have gotten a bunch of really cute ones.

shirt: thrifted / shorts: thrifted / scarf: target / shoes: target / 

watch: timex


Thrift stores aren’t only a good place to find clothes, but also purses, jewelry, home decor, and maybe even shoes! I found this adorable purse the other day, and I love the wicker style. I have seen wicker purses everywhere, but they always seem to be really pricey! For a style that might go out any day now, it sucks to pay a lot. When I was looking in the purse section the other day at my local thrift store there was a ton of wicker style purses! Finding something like this wasn’t that surprising to me since styles are always repeating. So, before you go spend a ton on the most recent fashion must-have, check your local thrift store first!!

shoes: target / dress: thrifted / shirt: forever 21 / glasses: firmoo


Whenever I go thrifting, I always have to remind myself to think of the possibilities for each item. At first glance you sometimes won’t see the potential at first glance, but just remember to have an open mind. But, always remember to not buy an item that has a weird stain that would be impossible to get out or that doesn’t fit no matter what you do to it. At the moment you might think “hey it’s only $4 so I’m sure I can make it work”, but you probably won’t ever wear it. So, don’t waste the money because $4 adds up.

shirt: target / skirt: thrifted / shoes: converse 

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